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Where our airfield?


Go along Siam Country Club Road for 8km, there will be a right turn to Horseshoe Point, follow the road for 5.5km and Nongprue Airfield will be on the right side.

We offer pilots and beginners of microlights, ultralights, delta flexwing and trike enthusiasts a wide range of aircraft to enjoy at realistic prices.

Fancy doing something out of the ordinary? Then this is for you! Microlight or Ultralight flying is the up and coming modern day sport in Thailand.

Aviation enthusiasts are realising they can fulfil a dream by becoming a pilot and gaining a UPL (Ultralight Pilot Licence). Small airfields are springing up all over the country, and ordinary Thai people are taking to the skies with ever increasing frequency. Paramotors are the most cost effective means to fly, easy to transport and easy to get into the air. Relatively cheap and easy to maintain, they are an excellent starter for those who just want to fly locally.

But what about the adventurous man or woman who wants to travel further afield; to reach all the corners of Thailand and see this beautiful country from a different perspective? Well, now you can do just that ! We’ve flown from Pattaya to Koh Chang, Hua Hin, Sa Kaeo, Phuket, Kanchanaburi, Chang Mai, Udon Thani, Sakorn Nakorn, Roiet and Surin. We’ve been privileged to see Thailand from the air as very few people will ever experience. Friendly ordinary people, adults and children, come out of their houses to wave enthusiastically as we pass over them at 500 feet. Cruising at 70 miles per hour gives you lots of time to appreciate all that lies below, and also gives your audience time to appreciate the graceful way that microlights captivate the onlooker.

Taking a journey of unimaginable exciting adventure, flying in places where no man has ever walked

We’re based at Nongprue Airfield in Pattaya. We have lots to do and see for the whole family: trial flights and paramotor displays are but a few of the things on the agenda. Vintage aircraft to modern day flying machines and of course lots of Microlights to inspect and maybe help you decide if this is for you. We’re also the main agents for Pegasus and Mainair microlights from the United Kingdom. Many pilots organise a syndicate and purchase an aircraft between them to bring down the overall costs. Our purpose is to help everyone who is interested in sport aviation.

Most of you will think to own and fly an aircraft is well outside your financial capabilities, well think again. Prices range from about 400,000 baht for a second hand machine up to 2.5 million baht depending on what model you select. Trike (delta wing) flying is the most popular because it’s cost effective and relatively easy to learn. Our pilot and instructors have flown the world, taking a journey of unimaginable exciting adventure, flying in places where no man has ever walked. The potential of these machines is endless.

Everyone can learn to fly. What do you need? A desire to be your own pioneer and fulfil that which we all dreamt about as children… gain the ability to fly.

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