To fly in one of these machines is like riding a motorcycle in the sky with the added bonus of being able to go up and down as well as left and right you get a feeling that is un describable you do not get the same feeling flying in any other type of aircraft, it truly is an unforgettable experience. Many people have said to me when first seeing a weight shift micro light “ You wont get me in one of those” well they don’t know what they are missing, others that have gone for a flight have got out saying it’s the best thing they have ever done in there lives. I guess its not for everyone

Flying lessons are available in Pattaya.

Just going for a back seat flight will change how you view flying forever, after my first flight I immediately fell in love with the thought of being able to get up there with the birds and decided that this will become my new hobby.

How about learning to fly one of these machines and owning one yourself, I guess the first thing that crosses anyone’s mind when they think about doing this is cost and its something we get asked all the time, It’s a hard question to answer as you can pick up second hand machines for as little as 400,000 Baht and for a new top of the range aircraft shipped from another country you can pay as much as 2,000000 Baht but my advice is always buy the best you can afford the most popular weight shift aircraft here in Thailand are the P&M weight shift models manufactured in the UK, they’ve  been around for a long time and their aircraft are truly built to the highest possible standards but there are many  manufactures out there that  produce weight shift aircraft so it is really down to personal preference.

Here at Fly Thailand we are always on hand to discuss and give advice on what to buy and how to get started, we can also arrange all the paperwork you need to import an aircraft into Thailand if you cannot find what you want here.