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Filmmaking with Aerial Photography and Video

An ideal platform for aerials would be something low, slow, and as close to vibration free as possible. The ultralight is very well suited to this function. Other alternatives such as helicopters and fixed wing general aircraft can accomplish this but usually require the removal of doors and installation of special mounts. There is also the issue of wind buffeting and vibration inherent in these aircraft, not to mention cost. Budgets for  filmmakers are often insufficient to include aerial footage. The low cost of an ultralight makes this a possibility.

Surveying & Geo Imagery

In such a rapidly developing country many people have a need for an aerial perspective more current and accurate than satellite imagery provides. Georeferenced aerial photography is a powerful surveying tool that can be inexpensively provided with a high quality camera, GPS, geotagging software, and an ultralight aircraft.

Aerial photography in a fully developed country is expensive enough. The logistics involved in importing aircraft and equipment in a developing country only add to the cost and hassle. Ultralights make this an affordable reality for NGO’s, property developers, land owners and others.

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