Training Standards

All training is in compliance with the above NPPL syllabus and in conjunction with various teaching aids and books.

The NPPL(Microlight) syllabus is similar to that for any form of flying. It covers:

  • Pre and post flight actions
  • Ground handling
  • Basic turns
  • Use of pitch control
  • Use of power
  • Straight and level flight
  • Climbing and descending
  • Take off, circuit and landing
  • Stall recovery
  • Advanced turns
  • Spiral dive recovery
  • Recovery from unusual attitudes
  • Power failures and emergency procedures.


FlyThailand aircraft: Trial or experience flight
FlyThailand aircraft: Tuition — minimum 10 hour advance booking
FlyThailand aircraft: Building — Pegasus Quik
FlyThailand aircraft: Ad hock
Own aircraft: Tuition
Own aircraft: Solo training


Extras are available. Please contact us for more information