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Weight-shift Aircraft

To fly in one of these machines is like riding a motorcycle in the sky with the added bonus of being able to go up and down as well as left and right you get a feeling that is un describable you do not get the same feeling flying in any other type of […]

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What is Microlight & Ultralight Flying?

There are two types of Ultra light/ Micro light aircraft 3 axis or weight shift aircraft, 3 axis is what most people imagine when they think of an aircraft they have a typical aircraft shape with , wings and a tail they are also operated in the same way as conventional aircraft, whereas the […]

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MTO Gyrocopters

With the global interest in Auto-Gyro’s now becoming evident and the success and progression in the UK we decided to invest in an MTOsport from Germany. After months of preparation and negotiations we finally got all the documentation for Gyrocopter approval in Thailand.

As news gets out that there is a Gyro which can be […]

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Getting to know the controls

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