FlyThailand History & Information

FlyThailand Tom began flying microlights in 1989 and has achieved some notable flights. In 1994 he became the first flexwing pilot to fly from Scotland to Norway across 220 miles of the North Sea, continuing to fly to Denmark, Germany, Holland, England, Wales, Ireland and back to Scotland. In 1997 Tom along with fellow pilots Chris Cullen and Keith Ingham successfully circumnavigated Australia in Pegasus Quantum 582 microlights, starting at Melbourne they flew anti-clockwise round the coastline returning 3 months later and covering 12,000 miles. Since coming to Thailand Tom has now flown his Pegasus Quantum 912 all round Thailand from Pattaya to Phuket, Chaing Mai, Kanchanaburi, Surin, Udon Thani and many more airfields.

FlyThailand looks forward to hearing from ladies or gents if your dream is to accomplish the ability to learn to fly. Located at Nongprue Airfield just outside Pattaya, a vibrant city which caters for all your needs. We have now invested in the first registered Autogyro in Thailand.

FlyThailand assists you to experience microlight flying, ultralight flying, trikes, flexwing, delta wing aircraft. Located in Thailand at Nongprue Flying club, Pattaya, we have Airborne and Pegasus microlight trikes which makes microlight and ultralight flying exciting and fun. Whether it’s trial flights, rotax engines, servicing, parts and repairs, we have someone who can help you. The Thai Flying Club is nearby for those of you who want to fly «group A» aircraft. We have microlight flying outings to Phuket, Krabi, Kanchanaburi, Udon Thani, Chang Mai, Ayutthaya, Surin, Trat, Sakorn Nakorn, Nong Khai and Ko Chang to name but a few. We have aircraft kit builds, hangerage, all in the Pattaya area.

FlyThailand Instructors

From Moscow, Russia. Artem has flown all types of Microlights for over 10 years. English, German and Russian speaking instructor. Over 2000 hours on Microlights.
Our pretty instructor.
From London, England. Tony has flown all types of Gyroplanes for over 40 years. World wide UK Gyroplane Inspector and Engineer. Instructor for 22 years and, Civil Aviation Examiner. Over 4000 hours on Gyroplanes.